AFA CyberCamps are designed for high school and middle school students who are just getting into cybersecurity or who have cybersecurity knowledge and want to learn more. Camps are hosted by approved organizations and institutions that register with the CyberPatriot Program Office. These organizations include, but are not limited, to AFA Chapters, schools, universities, CAP squadrons, companies in industry, boys and girls clubs, etc.

Organizations interested in hosting a camp purchase a curriculum kit from CyberPatriot consisting of instructor guides, student workbooks, PowerPoint modules, and demonstration software that students follow along with. It is the responsibility of the host organization to facilitate the logistics of the camp (camp facility, instructors, participant registration, hardware, etc.).

StellarCamp is an exciting venture into space system design for aspiring students in grades 8 through 12. This camp provides an enriching learning experience about different aspects of space system design, and requires no previous experience to join.